Controlled Access & Locksmith Solutions

With commercial doors come a great need for locks. At INTEX Commercial Door Systems, we have expert locksmiths to get the job done right and give your clients the peace of mind they deserve while letting you focus on other needs. Our team is also very knowledgeable regarding controlled access and products on the market suite to your critical requirements.

Our staff has the latest knowledge in locksmith and controlled access technology to make sure you are getting the best. From continuing an existing masterkey system, to setting up a whole new masterkey system, to getting the most highly sophisticated controlled access doors, our staff can accommodate your needs. We have the capability to put in stand-alone products or complex systems, because we understand that every place has a different security need.

For personalized locksmith and controlled access services in New Jersey and surrounding states, call INTEX Commercial Door Systems. Contact us to discuss your locksmith needs.